[English Folding Board Game, Housed in the Original Box and Titled:] Climbing Everest: A New Family Game. ASIA - EVEREST.
Rare Everest Game

[English Folding Board Game, Housed in the Original Box and Titled:] Climbing Everest: A New Family Game.

Bournemouth, UK: G.J. Hayter & Co. Ltd., ca. 1950s. A colour lithographed folding board game in two sections, ca. 43,5x29 cm (17 x 11 in). With the original box, the lid is decorated with a colour lithographed image of a group of mountaineers connected by a rope and going up towards the summit of Everest. Printed rules in English pasted inside the lid; with two wooden playing pieces but without a dice. The original box with a crease on cover and with some wear and splits on joints, but overall in very good original condition.

An attractive board game produced just after the famous British Everest Expedition of 1953, when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest on May 29 that year. The game board is divided into 196 squares; the players start moving to the summit of Everest (29,002 ft) from the monastery, via the base camp, eight high camps and Mount Nuptse (# 144, with the height marked as 25,680 ft) and Mount Lhotse (# 167, 27,890 ft). They experience some favourable conditions (e.g. “climbing well”, “good team work”, “advance party”, “easier climb”, “all very cheerful”, “clear atmosphere”, “using oxygen” etc.) or negotiate various hazards presented by Everest (“off route,” “crumbling ice”, “route insecure”, “no foothold”, “frost bite”, “broken rope”, “exhausted”, “ice pick lost”, “lack of food”, “wind at gale force”, “steep climb” etc.) The introduction to the game placed before the rules states, “This game will recall the great achievement of the Everest Expedition lead by Sir John Hunt with a company of very gallant men. The party included Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing who made the final ascent to the Summit on 29th May, 1953. <…> This great mountain had remained unconquered for centuries but now, in playing this game, you can, in some measure, share the thrills of the men who electrified the world with the news that they had reached their goal.” Overall an attractive game showing how the conquest of Everest reflected in the mass culture of the 20th century.

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