Early Photos of Downtown Calgary

[Family Album with ca. 370 Original Gelatin Silver Photographs Showing Early Residential Life in what is now Downtown Calgary; With Several Interesting Portraits of Ukrainian Settlers in Wahstao]

Ca. 1911-1916. Oblong Quarto (ca. 18,5x28,5 cm). 48 card stock leaves. With ca. 369 original gelatin silver photographs (mostly mounted, several loosely inserted), from ca. 12,5x17 cm (4 ¾ x 6 ¾ in), to ca. 2,5x3 cm (1 x 1 ¼ in), the majority are ca. 6x10 cm (2 ¼ x 4 in); with one real photo postcard ca. 8,5x13,5 cm (3 ¼ x 5 ¼ in). Ca. 190 photos numbered and/or captioned or dated in negative, about twenty with period white ink captions on the margins. Owner’s white ink inscriptions “David A. Riddell, 1912” on the inner sides of both covers. Period black full cloth album fastened with a string. Four photos from one leaf apparently have been previously removed from the album with a portion of the mount, a few images mildly faded, but overall a very good album.

Interesting early album compiled by a Calgary resident, with numerous photos of the family house and neighbourhood in what is now downtown Calgary (street signs attached to a corner of the house on one photo read “5th St. West” and “2nd Ave. West”). The album includes numerous portraits of the family members and friends posing next to their houses, with their “Indian” motorcycle, in a motor car in the middle of a residential street, during a walk on the Prince’s and St. George’s Islands (showing the Bow River), children playing in a sandbox or at a riverbank in summer, the family canoeing and hiking in Banff and Lake Louise in September 1915, during a camping trip to Edmonton, etc. Four interesting photos from Wahstao (North Saskatchewan River) dated August 1916 show a group of “Russian children” (in fact, Ukrainian), a young Ukrainian woman in traditional dress, “Russian outside oven,” and a Ukrainian mother with two young children wearing traditional dress. Other interesting photos show a Calgary street with the building of the “Hicks engraving Co. Ltd” (2nd Ave & 6th St. W); a street in Carbon (Alberta) with A.J. McLeod’s general merchandise store in the foreground, a street in Dutton (Ontario) with C.W. Hodder’s bakery and confectionery, four group portraits of associates of a company, a portrait of two girls in military uniform, several portraits of Alberta farmers, etc. Overall an interesting early visual source on Calgary’s urban history and the life of its middle-class residents shortly before and during the first years of WW1.

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