Attractive Collection of Photos of Mexico in 1900

[Album with 45 Original Albumen and Gelatin Silver Studio Photographs of Mexico City, Titled:] Mexico – Summer of 1900. June 9 – Sept. 25th.

Ca. 1900. Oblong Quarto album (ca. 18,5x25,5 cm). 52 card stock leaves (7 blank). With 45 mounted photographs, including 23 gelatin silver and 22 albumen photos, from ca. 12,5x20 cm (5x8 in) to ca. 9,5x14 cm (3 ¾ x 5 ¾ in). Over 30 photos captioned and/or numbered in negative; two photos signed by “W.H. Jackson Photo Co., Denver, Colo.” in negative. Nine photos with period pencil captions on the mounts; period manuscript pencil title on the inner side of the front board. Period green cloth “Ward’s Flexible” album with a gilt-lettered title “Photographs” on the front board. Album very mildly rubbed on extremities, a couple of images mildly faded, but overall a very good album of interesting strong images.

Attractive collection of early original studio photographs, showing Mexico City, Amecameca, El Abra, and other sites in Mexico, collected by a American traveller who visited the country in the summer 1900. The views of Mexico City photos show Chapultepec Castle and Park, Plaza del Zocalo and Plaza de Armas, National Place, Alameda Central park, Paseo de la Reforma, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Church of Santo Domingo, “National Lottery Building,” San Fernando Pantheon, Hotel Iturbide, La Viga canal with its street vendors and laundry washers, etc. Six photos show the town of Amecameca and the Sanctuary of the Senor del Sacromonte. There are also views of bridges and tracks of the Ferrocarril Nacional, streets, squares and markets in small Mexican towns, and portraits of native tortilla makers, pulque plant harvesters, a family group in El Abra, etc. At least two images were taken by a noted American photographer William Henry Jackson (two more don’t have his signature in negative, but the caption’s font is the same as on the signed photos). Overall a nice collection of early and lesser-known studio photographs of Mexico.
Captions: “Paseo de la Reforma Mexico. 79;” “Chapultepec” (pencil caption “Military Academy […?] Point of Mexico, Summer home of the president”); “Roof garden – Chapultepec” (pencil caption); “Zocalo y Catedral, Mexico. 12;” “Calendario Azteca y Fuente del Atrio. 3” (pencil caption “Inside Cathedral”); “Diputacion y Portal de Flores. 14;” “Jardin del Atria;” “Plaza de Armas y Palacio. 13;” “Plaza de Armas. 33;” “8. Entrada de la Alameda. Mexico;” “Alameda. Mexico. 25;” “Iglesia de Sto. Domingo. 20;” “National Lottery Building, formerly Mexican building at New Orleans exposition” (pencil caption); “34. Panteon de San Fernando Mexico;” “168. Sacromonte Amecameca;” “99. Vista en Amecameca” (pencil caption “Popocatepetl in distance”); “100. Vista en Sacromonte;” “98. Vista en Amecameca;” “Entrada al Santuario de Amecameca. 170,” “Iglesia del Sacromonte 169;” “382. Plaza de […?];” “Plaza Ta[…?];”“8284. Mexico Street market” (signed by W.H. Jackson in negative); “Verduleras en la Viga;” “La Viga. 121;” “123. Canoa con Verdura;” “Lavanderas de la Viga. 125;” “Naturales de Ixlacaleo [?];” “Church at foot of Hill de Guadalupe” (pencil caption); 6434 City of Mexico from Chapel of Guadaloupe (apparently, by W.H. Jackson);” “Interior of church Guadalupe” (pencil caption); “243. Casa de Albaniles;” “Native women making tortillas” (pencil caption); “203. Curva del Laurel F.C. Nacional;” 201. Dos Rios F.C. Nacional;” “Maguey plant from which the pulque is made” (pencil caption); “393. Hotel Iturbide. Mexico;” “380. Hotel Iturbide. Mexico;” “Avenida en el Bosque de Chapultepec. 52;” “Arbol de la Noche Triste. 22;” “6413. Travel in the Barranca” (apparently, by W.H. Jackson); “Group in Elabra, Mexico” (signed by W.H. Jackson in negative).

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