Large Photos of the Angkor Temples in the 1930s

[Album with Twenty-Eight Original Gelatin Silver Photographs, Including Six Real Photo Postcards of Cambodia, Showing the Angkor Temples, Colonial Architecture of Phnom Penh, Kampong Cham Rubber Plantations, etc.]

Ca. 1936. Oblong Folio album (ca. 27,5x35,5 cm). 9 card stock leaves. With 28 mounted gelatin silver photographs, including nine large photos ca. 17x23 cm (6 ¾ x 9 in), thirteen smaller photos ca. 11,5x17,5 cm (4 ½ x 6 ¾ in) and six real photo postcards ca. 9x14 cm (3 ½ x 5 ½ in). All photos and postcards with period pencil captions in French on the mounts; some photos with additional pencil or typewritten captions on verso; some large photos with the ink stamps of “Cliché Gouvernement Général Indochine. Reproduction sans mention origine interdite” on verso. Period light brown stiff card album fastened with a string. Overall a very good album with strong interesting images.

An attractive collection of interesting large photos of Cambodia in the 1930s, then a French protectorate (1863-1953); the compiler was most likely a French official or traveller. The album opens with nine large views of the Angkor temples (Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Angkor Ta Prohn), including two portraits of the compiler and his wife posing in front of the ancient archways and while riding an elephant. The views of the Angkor temples were published under the supervision of the government of French Indochina (according to the ink stamps on verso of several photos). The thirteen smaller photos are also well-annotated and include some lively views of the kingdom’s capital Phom Penh. Among them are images of the new “Le Royal Palace” hotel and “Cercle Sportif” club and swimming pool (all built-in 1929), Mekong River Port, a corn silo tower under construction (the photo is dated “1936”), lumber rafts on the Mekong, a forest road to Kampot, a group portrait of Cambodian students in the Ecole supérieur d’Application, etc. Very interesting are three photos of the rubber plantations in the Kampong Cham province – at Kchay, Sarong and Chup. The plantation at Chup, founded by the “Compagnie du Cambodge” in 1923, was the oldest in Cambodia (the sign of the company is visible on the photo). Overall a nice collection of well-preserved, unusual photos of colonial Cambodia.
Captions (larger photos): “Cambodge, Angkor Vat, Vue générale;” “Cambodge, Angkor Vat, Allée de la Victoire, Porte Est;” “Cambodge, Angkor Vat, Angle Sud-Ouest, Façade extérieuse;” “Cambodge, Angkor Vat, Bayon, Vue générale – côte Sud;” “Cambodge, Angkor Vat, Bayon, Vue générale extérieuse;” “Cambodge, Ruines d’Angkor, Ta-Prohn…;” “Ruine Angkor” (two portraits of a French official and his wife); “Cambodge, Angkor Thom, Néak Péan, detail du sanctuaire.”
Smaller photos: “P. Penh – Ecole supérieur d’Application (enseignement traditionnel);” “Phnom-Penh – le port (basses eaux);” “Silo á mais de P. Penh – Etat de travaux le 10-4-36;” “Phnom-Penh. – Le Royal Palace;” “Phnom-Penh. – Cercle Sportif Khmer. – La piscine;” “[Phnom-Penh]. Résidence de Kompong Cham. Taureau 1-e prix 1926;” “[Phnom-Penh]. Exploit. forestiéré;” “[Phnom-Penh]. Radeaux de bois sur le Mékong;” “[Phnom-Penh]. Route de forêt de Kampot de Ream;” “[Cambodge]. Subdivision de Kg-Cham. Route locale no. 12. A l’entrée de la Plantation de Kchay;” “[Cambodge]. Subdivision de Kg-Cham. Route locale no. 12. A l’entrée de la Plantation de Samrong;” “Phnom-Penh. Cercle Sportif;” “[Cambodge]. Subdivision de Kg-Cham. Route locale no. 22. A l’entrée de la Plantation de Chup.”
The real photo postcards have the general title of “Ruines d’Angkor.”.

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