A Rare Pre-Revolutionary Russian Map of Asiatic Russia

Karta Aziatskoi Rossii i Turkestanskogo Kraya [Map of Asiatic Russia and Turkestan Province].

Saint Petersburg: Cartographical establishment of A. Ilyin, ca. 1905-1907. Large folding chromolithographed map ca. 49x76 cm (19 ¼ x 29 ¾ in), borders outlined in colour. Linen-backed and dissected into sixteen compartments. Two small holes in the upper corners for hanging, the names of several major cities are outlined in red pencil. Paper slightly age-toned, a small piece chipped from the corner of one of the upper compartments (only affecting the map’s border), but overall a very good map.

A rare pre-revolutionary Russian map of the Asiatic part of the Russian Empire and the adjacent regions of Central Asia, China and the Far East. Although undated, the map shows the international borders between the Russo-Japanese War (1904-5) and WW1 (1914-18) and shows the Kurile Islands, southern Sakhalin and Port Arthur/Dalian as Japanese territories. Mongolia and the modern-day Tuva region of Russia are still shown as parts of the Chinese Qing Empire. Mongolia will become independent during the 1911 Xinhai Revolution; Tuva will join the Russian Empire as the Uryakhaysky Kray in 1914. The Trans-Siberian Railway continues until Sretensk (Zabaikalsky Krai) and then breaks until Khabarovsk, the terminus of the Ussuri Railway to Vladivostok. The construction of the Amur Railway which filled the last gap between Sretensk and Khabarovsk didn’t start before 1907, and the map doesn’t show any tracks in this area. It marks the lines of the Eastern Chinese Railway to Port Arthur and the Central Asian Railway in the Turkestan province, connecting Krasnovodsk, Merv, Kushka, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent and the Fergana Valley. The map also delineates the internal borders between areas and regions of Siberia and the Turkestan province, main roads, cities, towns and forts; the names of several major cities are outlined in red (apparently, by an owner). A small insert in the right lower corner details on the Bering Strait and parts of Chukotka and Alaska. Overall a nice detailed early 20th-century map of Asiatic Russia and the adjacent regions.

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